Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Activities

Friday was a slow ride up the hill thinking that I would be riding again on Saturday. A quiet ride all the way around. It was a very pleasant surprise to meet up with Robert from Parliment of Owls He had many a tale to tell about critters and creatures and trails he ventures on. Friday, to my surprise turned out to be the driest day of the weekend.
Saturday, wet and drizzling all day long. No hikes. No bikes. I did cheer the Fit4Fall runners who had the wettest part of the entire day for their event. As the runners passed by on my spot on Bennett Avenue, I spotted the neighbor's son, Travis a fitness expert who runs 100 miles. Then I spotted a friend Mike who normally runs with his dog Savannah on GMR, Big Dalton and the trail. The kids participating beamed as I cheered them on. Being the only spectator for a mile standing in the rain they were amazed. They all seemed pleased when I stated "downhill" was just around the corner.

Sunday, I hiked along Mystic Trail, before my muscles said quit!

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