Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baldy 4

Matt wanted to go far. I thought he meant Glendora Ridge Road +4, or +6. John upped the ante and said Cow Canyon Saddle. The weather was perfect, with the day that dawned clear and the haze of the valley below us. Temperatures in the 70s-80s, it couldn't get any better. What the heck, it's Baldy. Fortunately John told tales, Matt listened and I huffed and I puffed to get up the Reward Climb (aka the wall). The great thing about friends chatting is that you concentrate on their words and put the body into auto pilot. Tales of Tom and his broom sweeping Glendora Mountain Road. Rides to Crystal Lake, and Mountain Biking up Mount Wilson.
Goal for this week: I must put in more time on the indoor trainer.
Today's ride was harder than the first time to Baldy this year. I need more training in the upper altitudes. Got there. Got back. Long day. Good ride.

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