Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biking in the Rain

A complete contrast between Monday afternoon and today. Monday warm, dry, sun, cross winds, a lizard lounging on the road, a large coyote looking for dinner near mile marker 7. Wednesday cold, moist, dark clouds, more cross winds, fewer miles. From the first saddle, curtains of gray wafted down dousing those below with pellets of hard water. Viewing rain from above was an unusual treat.

Willis hiked along the road. Jeannette and her dog were walking upward. One rider on his ride down remarked about the wildlife ahead. Cool! Then a couple of folks over took me before I could spot it. Carlos and Matt rode by as I headed down.

Three different folks reported a house cat sized bobcat along the road. I had no visual. I looked inward up the slope not outward down the slope.

Unlike Monday April 12th, when the rain fell only in the forest with the roads dry by Boulder Springs. The roads were wet all the way home.

Wiped down the bike when I got home. It was dry and clean. Now its my turn.

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