Saturday, April 10, 2010


Cloudy, breezy, grey with a temperature of 52F, warm by Ohio standards, and cool by my southern California blood, the weather was 30 degrees cooler than the Thursday afternoon ride. Bringing a small ray of hope the sun taunted its way through the clouds at 8 am only to disappear for the rest of the morning, tormenting the unprepared. The truly smart riders waited until afternoon with a clear sky, warm sun and mild gusts.

With very few folks on the road early this morning, John and Sherrie where on their way to Baldy Village. Snow in the Village? Not at the moment. Sherrie was training for Breathless Agony while John was shepherding a pinched nerve. I kept up for a half mile and then dropped off the back. Perhaps the 80 mile week was catching up with me.

Met Hugh from UCLA took a picture when the dreaded beeps of the memory card left at home brought my documentary to a halt. Doh! Then Adobo Velo in masse showed up with 35 - 40 riders strong all wearing their cycling colors. They had the KSCI camera crew filming their exploits!

William A. who raced San Dimas Stage Race talked of preparing for next year's race. He will be a race marshal of the Adobo Velo GMR Time Trial on Sunday May 16th

The question is will there be a King of the Mountain check point along the course? Riders would have then be challenged to sprint over the shorter time interval or to go for the over all distance.

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