Monday, April 12, 2010

Some days were more challenging than others, mentally and physically. The mind wanted to wimp out giving the knee a break, the body begged to stay at home warm and dry, and mechanical failures befuddled and vexed before you're out of sight from home. Lump today in the challenging bucket. Fate beats you up, when you don't listen.

The new cleats clung with a death grasp as the front derailleur locked up trying to down shift just two houses from the start. Lying there with the cleats clipped in, I got the right foot free, lifted the bike and freed my left foot. Brushing off the fall, determined to ride, the new found pain in the knee put all the old pains on the back burner. After seeing the difference in wear pattern on the cleats no wonder my left knee complained! The new cleats should make my joints happy. Practiced unclipping before I left my block.

Managed to get shifted into the lowest front gear. That should suffice for the uphill. Tested the front shifting again on Sierra Madre. The response was iffy at best and the traffic heavier. It was not a street to enjoy cuddling pavement. I don't need a lot of gears to go uphill. Keep moving. I am doing this.

The clouds bumped up against the mountains. The sun would shine through for two minutes then the wind brought more wet clouds to the party. It started to rain, by the wall at mile marker 11.39. Please wait! I told the sky. It wasn't very wet. I rode faster, the rain fell heavier. I could see that it was bone dry in the city below while the rain wafted down on the truly (fool) hardy individuals.

Made it to the First Saddle. Good enough for today. Fate tested my strength. Everyone received double points for riding today.

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