Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Ride

Warm pleasant afternoon. In too much of a rush to go back for the gloves. The accomplishments on everyone's clocks was good, better and best. Don and friend clocked in 53 minutes from gate to top of Monroe. Matt and Ron bested them with 51 minutes. Ken from SC Velo gleefully chimed in with his son's time of 34 minutes. Being 17 years old has its rewards. I enjoyed my best time of the year. Both for the short distance SDSR and for the longer haul to Monroe.

The talk was about Ken's friend who was traveling south at Mile Marker 10.14 and his collision with an auto on Sunday. His friend suffered a broken wrist and rib bones. I noticed a large dark stain in the center of the road and a pile of clothes in the brush in the curve. That curve is different from all the others. Engineered with a reverse kamber to the uninitiated it will naturally throw you into the other lane.

Perhaps my stop on the way down at Newman's Point saved my life as there was an out of control driver on the road this evening. The young driver raced passed Matt and Ron at the first saddle, weaving over the center line at top speeds. Amazingly, for me it was a peaceful descent. I noticed the Sheriff's vehicle and the driver at the bottom of Monroe. The Sheriff searching diligently in the car. I didn't stop to inquire. But I did go back and was informed by the father of the passenger of the vehicle that an arrest was made for reckless driving.

Drive safe. Be safe. Slow down. Enjoy today and tomorrow.

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