Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday up West Fork

Drove Highway 39 up to West Fork. Then cycled along Devil's Gate Dam Truck Trail. Lots of water in the creek. A few miles on the trail, the hikers thinned out.

There was a kicker of a hill at about mile 6.5. Bill's initial measurement said 7-8 %, my legs told me it was more, then his computer rated the climb at 11 then 15%. I knew with my cleats on, I couldn't stop. I couldn't unclip, so up I went. Out of the saddle, lowest gear come on baby! The view from the helicopter pad.

I went back for Bill who was stuck in his middle ring. No need to go farther. Found the picnic tables and ate our Plaza Produce Sandwiches. Yummy. Real Food, not a power bar. Enjoyed the water show. An easy recovery ride for the knee.

Lizards on the road were unpredictable. I opted to ride to the left where its tail was, thinking it would take a straight forward shot across the road. No, that lizard turned around and skittered in front of me. Small brains. We both survived. Coming back towards civilization, dogs were roaming around with out a lead. That was scarier as they were large and unpredictable. I scooted around one large 100 pound dog with lots of thick fur. He was merrily checking everyone out for goodies and pets. Bill ended up breaking to a quick stop in front of that dog. Both were unscathed.

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