Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon

Tony, Matt, San, Elle, Dale!

Met a few folks on the road tonight. The talk was about the rider in the black kit, no helmet who breezed past everyone. I was inspired to tack on the back for a mile. Knee pain what pain? He made it look so easy. He turned around at Newman's Point.

Dale was pleased to have Elle out on the road. San enjoyed the longer days for longer bike rides. Matt and Tony pushed to their time trial as San cheered them on. Five minutes improvement over last week. Tony was pleased. 1 hour 13 minutes from Goddard School to the Top of Monroe. Matt rode with Dale, San and Elle on the San Gabriel River Trail from Santa Fe Dam to Whittier a few months back. Small world!

It was warm in the 80s which made the descent feel good and therefore fast. On the way down out of the corner of my eye a bobcat scurried up the cliff side. All that registered in my brain was fur with limbs. Matt had the best view, while Tony didn't see it at all. Siting occurred at mile marker 11.0.

Bill enjoyed cruising his new Trek Madone 6.5 around Bonelli Park this morning. Life looks better after a good ride.

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Unknown said...

Hi Tony and Matt. Great to see you're still riding!

Dave from Edro