Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

Warm in the 70s, a bit of cross wind, lots of sun and sky. Completely opposite of Monday. I got a late start to my ride at 4:35. Rode solo to the top the knee was mostly ok but the legs still feel like lead. Saw folks traveling downhill including Tony, Matt and Ron. Enjoyed the warm view at the top of Monroe.

Met Brian and Ray from Baldy Village at the top of Monroe, who rode to Newman's Point. They had an uphill ride home along Glendora Ridge Road. They commented it's lonely on the ridge. Plenty of folks on GMR!

Chatted up Ray about Baldy Road on March 14th the day of a fatal accident between a Ducati motorcycle rider and a truck making a u-turn. Asked how long the road was closed. Three hours. Opened at 3 pm. He was about third in line waiting for it to open.

We discussed Stage 6 of the Amgen Tour of California, now that Pasadena is no longer the start city we mused over possibilities. Palmdale will be the starting city!

An auto club passed us on the way to Newman's. Two Corvettes. A grey Prosche Carrera, a white Lotus, a Nissan GTR. An SUV with a Thule rack on top. They lined up for a photo shoot.

I offered to trade my wheels for one of theirs. I got no takers on this.

Bill's trip around Bonelli netted this bird in a hand.

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