Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sterling Day

The winds cleared out the sky, the normal layer of air and left us with a picture perfect day.

The hillside looking down on Glendora.

Glendora Mountain Road at Colby Trail.

Have you ever hung out with a group of guys where one was a whiz at math, another eloquent with words and one who had eagle-eyes? This alert buddy could spot wildlife out of the crazy patchwork of scrub or spot a deer on the opposite side of the canyon riding 25 mph downhill, or the bobcat brown like the cliff side scurrying away or the bear lumbering down to the stream. Then when you're on your own without any your buddies to scout the environ, you barely see the lizard dashing away from under foot.

Well, today I earned my merit badge. The breeze blew yet the rustle in the brush caught my ear. My head turned upward, I noticed the ears and eyes watching me. Slowly, quietly the velcro latch of the camera case had to be unleashed. Keeping eye contact, it's nostrils flaring, taking in my movements. I clicked the power on button. First shot. then I zoomed. I could barely see through the viewfinder. Did I get it in focus? The ears twitched. I wanted to get a movie, I clicked the selector wheel to send the camera into video mode. It spooked the beast and I got a video! Cool.

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