Thursday, August 9, 2007

Leadville Thursday August 8

The view from 10,152 feet above sea level here in Leadville, Colorado is spectacular. The Rocky Mountains surround this quaint mining village with a splendor that only nature can provide. The native residents are open and friendly inspite of our out of town mannerisms. We have walked the main drag and discovered the place to stay is the Delaware Hotel. Warning you must book the Delaware now for the 2008 Leadville Race Days as they fill very quickly. Needless to say, I am down the road at a different establishment and learning to adapt to a less than five star motel. Mind you now, the Delaware in all its wit and charm welcomes its residents with a sign stating "No bikes. No cleats allowed inside the Hotel. Violators will be hung at noon."

Cyclists are pouring into this town as cars with bikes of all shapes and sizes are seen. As we entered our room, another guest Brenton Hamilton was washing his bike on our patch of green grass. He is here from the San Jose area to participate in 2007 Leadville 100 MTB. He came in 118 in 2005. This California contingent will be cheering him on.

We hope to see Floyd Landis in his orange and grey kit Saturday morning. Whether that other Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong shows up remains to be seen. Reports are he is in Colorado Springs this evening. I am not holding my breath for Lance. I am here for Floyd and about 1,000 other mountain bike racers.