Sunday, March 23, 2008

Butterfly wings

A butterfly flaps its wings. A cyclist pushes their pedals. A motorcyclist brakes into the mountain and flips over.

Saturday was a happy crew of cyclists pounding the pavement up the hill. Lots of cheerful hellos, wave of the hands and nods of the head. Lots of folks practicing for the San Dimas Stage Race happening March 28,29,30. One club the La Grange had a full compliment of riders. They spaced themselves out and were regularly breezing past me. The best equipped cyclist had her own personal chase scooter following her up and down the mountain. Pure luxury.

Easter Sunday meant fewer folks. Daniel of La Verne was slow enough for me to catch. His pace didn't match his 12 mph calves. The higher cadence with the small gears reminded me of Lance Armstrong catching the big gears of Jan Ullrich.

As I passed, Daniel noticed my Polar Power Meter and said he bought the wired version. We rode together just past the first saddle where a yellow monitoring box TW3 is located. It was nice to have the company up the mountain. Daniel was recovering from an Achilles heel surgery and cast from a basketball incident. I have been recovering from a Plantar Fasciitis pain after taking the stairs at work.

Although the problems are different the bond was instant. The two websites I found that have excellent information and foot aids are: Heel Spurs and Dr. Prubit. Dr. Prubit covers a wide range of sports injuries and has a page on achilles tendonitis

Back to the Polar Power Meter, I gave Daniel tips on the cadence meter. Forget the tape and use velcro. The other tip is that the power meter likes to be lined up under the chain. And if all else fails the folks at San Dimas Incycle will help

I stretched out after the ride. Its great to be back out on the road. Outdoor miles for the year: Number of rides: 15 Miles: 198.4. Pace:??.