Sunday, May 18, 2008


The sign stated road closed. The gate locked.

Mountain Road. No motorized vehicles. Nirvana.

The lure of road with out cars, without motorcycles pushed the guilty pleasure into the to-do column.

The temperature was closer to hades than heaven, at 105-108F. The heat and the winds have pushed the smog layer out to Pomona or beyond.

Starting early was a must. With the relative humidity at 20%, the moment your body sweated, it evaporated into air. I ended up a "quart and half" low after each ride in spite of consuming a full water bottle. For the first time I brought Gatorade mix on Sunday. This is the view from mile marker 5.

I optimized every moment and went the "full" distance to the top of Monroe Truck Trail or mile marker 5.00 for a round trip of 21.8 miles. A goal I haven't reached since January. Two back to back days of 22 miles of riding. Exhilaration and exhaustion. I feel back from the plantar fasciitis of February, but still mindful of heels and stretching.

Enjoy the beauty of nature while its still a bit green. This is Morris Dam in Azusa Canyon with Highway 39.

I did see a rider in a Phonak jersey Saturday. The CAS decision on another Phonak rider is still pending, but due out soon.