Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Up

The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco -- Mark Twain

Twenty two days of below average temperatures in southern California kept summer cyclists at bay. Strawberry fields will continue to produce until the hot weather comes. Yummers. However, this version of Portland Dry mist puddled up my glasses to the point of barely being able to see on the mid-week morning ride.

Wednesday the clouds hung over the Angeles Forrest. They took to pouring out their feelings all over the road and those who ventured out on a bicycle. The maintenance shed tree provided relief. The descent took longer as the bike rims were wet and the brakes less efficient. On the way down, Tinker Juarez sped up the hill. Out of the saddle he hammered up the mountain with his distinctive dreadlocks and backpack of weights. Amazing.

Met the real GMR, John A. who has lived on Glendora Mountain Road since 1971!

John now enjoys riding every day and remembers when the mountain was closed to traffic. His quest is the maintenance shed and then Baldy Village.

Ron G captured this set of buzzards hanging around near the coyote cub curve.

Yes, these are the birds I saw a week ago. Ride faster Ron!

Also parking along the road has become problematic.

photo courtesy of Ron G.