Monday, August 9, 2010

Cadillac CTSV

Photo shoot on Glendora Mountain Road for the Cadillac CTSV. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

The magic of filming transformed a turnout of asphalt into a western desert scene. They had bags of leaves. Burnt trees. Rocks. Green shubbery. Reflector arrows for the curve with the stone wall at mile marker 7. Water truck. Catering truck. Cameras on cranes on top of the filming car. The road may not look like GMR at all!

Saw Wolfgang in his Magormold kit going up as I cruised down!


banksd1983 said...

On Saturday there were a handful of people planting dozens of trees or something up there. Was it related to the photo shoot?

GMR said...

Do you remember where they were planting the trees? Any emblems on the cars or trucks? I am thinking green forest service trucks, or volunteers, or crew for the photo shoot. The photo shoot folks looked well financed.