Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Ride

Met new folks tonight starting with Steve from Monrovia. He had information about Mt. Wilson reopening in October and lots of stories of the river trail, Chantry Flats, and others.

Hillbasher arrived as I was leaving, so I stayed and chatted. His plans included riding GMR Monday afternoon. Work a full "day" and then ride Tuesday morning.

Where upon Ray and Edge arrived with news from Brian's Friday evening emergency rescue. The x-ray didn't show the lateral break in the T11 vertebrae or the chip in the T2. The cat scan did which convinced the doctors he really needed medical treatment. The MRI the next day showed the damage in more detail. The interesting note was that the Baldy Village riders don't carry cell phones as there is zero reception. Edge was the man to climb the mountain in order to call 911. We celebrated our good health and ride safely partings. Hillbasher, GMR, Ray, Edge, Ron.

Found an Inland Empire Woman Cyclist with a flat tire. I recommended Armadillo tires if you want to ride GMR. Matt had the CO2 and filled the tire instantly as the sunlight waned.

An eventful ride indeed.

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yeahian said...

My wife is a physical therapist and she says it shouldn't be that huge of a deal. He may need a small surgery but thats it.
I hope he recovers quickly.