Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rainy Days

Like clockwork, the weatherman predicted rain today. At 5:30 it started coming down. I got my ride in on Friday!

Bob had hip surgery two months ago. He can hike up Colby Trail and down GMR. Lookin good Bob!

Only the hardest of souls were out on the road. My glasses fogged up and misted over. This was the first autumn ride, cold and bleak. I have looked at this tree at the shed a hundred times before, yesterday these little holes caught my attention.

At the top of Monroe, the clouds hung close to ground and filled up the valley. This is a photo of Mt Baldy, the visibility is about 30-50 feet.

A San Bernadino sheriff out hunting asked me where my blinking lights were. At home. Below Newman's, the visibility was much better. An optimist I thought the sun would be out, and I could get above the cloud layer. Nope. Not with this November weather. Lights would have been a really good thing to bring. I had leg warmers, jacket, head band, dry socks, a cliff bar to munch, but no lights. Be careful of the motorcycles he said. Yep, I know about those folks. The motorcycles were smart enough to stay indoors. Friday was red sports car filming day. On the way down I noticed two cameramen on tripods overlooking the road below. around the bend their buddies were lined up for their moment on video. I waited while the three cars made their debut. Heeding the sheriff's warning.

My big toe suffered the most from the cold. Even with wool socks and shoe covers. A big bowl of chicken soup warmed me up nicely. Good ride.

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