Friday, March 16, 2012

SDSR GMR Time Trial

Wow. A day full of pictures. 2600 pictures.

Kristin Armstrong of Team Exergy Twenty12 won with a time of 15:01.00.

Phil Gaimon of Team Kenda/5hr Energy p/b Geargrind with a time of 13:10.15. Congratulations.


RB said...

Hi there! I always check in on your blog during the SDSR for your great pics. I competed in the Cat 5 race this year and was wondering if you have or will post any additional pics from the TT/RR/Crit?

Great job on the blog. Thanks!

GMR said...

Hi RB.

Send an email to with you number, team name, jersey colors. He will find you and send you your photos.

-- GMR