Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Ride

My last words to Bill were, I don't expect to see anyone, so I will be back early. Wrong! What a laugh. Eric breezed down the mountain and shouted hello. Then two others blew by me as I stood and received the hiking low down from Matt by Big Dalton Canyon.

I caught up with Wayne and decided to enjoy the chat with the pedalling. We saw three CHP officers two on motorcycles standing and chatting at the inside bend at mile marker 10.49. I piped up and asked if everything was ok. They said they were handing out tickets to cyclists breaking the speed limit climbing up the mountain. I laughed and stated I wanted one!

Rode with Wayne to Newman's. The miles passed quickly with someone else to talk with. I was pressed for time. I did the calculation if I averaged 24 mph I could get home in 20 minutes 30 at the latest. I screamed down the mountain. But as I approached the Feedzone, I thought about the bears I encountered on Monday. I slowed down half hoping to see a lumbering black furry body scampering across the road, When suddenly a tawny long legged dear hopped across the road. I am glad I had slowed down. I was moving to quick to get a picture. Wow! Wildlife twice in the same week. I made it home safely.

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BicycleFriends said...

Wayne! I haven't seen you in awhile. I hope everything is good. When is Chris coming to the states again.