Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guide to GMR Mile Markers

BIGGER. BETTER. READABLE. As the fans have requested, Bill posted a larger image of the Guide to GMR Mile Markers.

Bigger Guide
Guide to GMR Mile Markers
MM 13.12 - Bottom of Monroe Truck Trail and GMR
MM 12.64 - The S-bends
MM 12.42 - Colby Trail and GMR
MM 11.90 - Upper Colby Trail
MM 11.39 - Small Wall - Great View
MM 10.98 - Pissed Off Mom - Turn Out
MM 10.78 - Windy Tunnel
MM 10.63 - Coyote Corner
MM 10.49 - Pothole
MM 10.20 - Twisty curves
MM 10.00 - New section of road
MM 09.49 - First Saddle - SDSR 2013 Finish
MM 09.30 - Feed Zone
MM 07.59 - Newman's Point
MM 07.01 - Start of a descent/Finish of an ascent
MM 06.51 - Second Saddle
MM 06.30 - Uphill to the shed
MM 05.58 - Shed, Shack, Maintenance Yard, or Pump House
MM 05.28 - Top of GMR, Top of Monroe Truck Trail


Mr. Beanz said...

I like the idea but the image is too small. I can't make out the markers using magnifier glasses. ;-(

Is there a trick to enlarge it after clicking on the image?

GMR said...

I have posted a link to the better image. GMR Guide to Mile Markers

Thanks for asking Mr. Beanz, my eyes need all the help they can get!

Mike Neely said...

This is pretty cool, thanks!