Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hard Core

The summer crowd of folks on the mountain have gone holiday shopping. Only the hard core veterans who need their Gmr fix ride during the winter months. My ride schedule has dropped to once a week  with the short days. Blame the cold weather, but the in door exercise routine fell by the wayside as well. The Saturday morning sun felt good albeit a bit cool. A whole week off I took in the grinding gears, the small hillside erosion as squirrels scurried away, the rhythm of wheels and chains and pumping hearts. Joan and I forged ahead as Matt and Bill caught up. At the shed, Joan was quick to descend. Matt, Bill and I lingered on. We stopped at Newman's to check out the reservoir when a large red tail hawk fell overhead. The wing span was impressive as the bird flew low overhead. Fortunately the white remembrances of dinner floated down to the hillside. We were happy not to have been tagged with hawk crap.

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