Friday, October 26, 2012

GMR closed 10/26/2012

Matt reports that Glendora Mountain Road is closed today as of 4 pm. Closed due to Red Flag Fire Danger. GMR, GRR and Big Dalton Canyon.

Mr. Beanz and company were out for a Friday evening ride. I will have to get an update.


Michael said...

Coming down road from Baldy this afternoon I noticed the gate closed on that end too. Figured a red flag warning must be up.

Hillbasher said...

Actually it was Saturday night that we headed up to the shack. One group of 7 or 8 left at 5:45PM and our group of 6 left about 20 minutes later. Conditions were absolutely perfect for a night ride. Warm, no wind, almost full moon that came up before 5PM, and to top it off, the road was closed to cars. Should have been there, you would have loved it.