Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday 10/20/2012

Saturday morning, cloudy, grey, with drizzle that dripped down. The hope of cycling above the clouds that got thicker the higher I rode, dwindled with each stroke. It turned out a full complement of riders were out that day training for the Tour de Foothills on November 10th. Plenty of folks pedaling up the road. I enjoyed one stint of keeping ahead of a couple of riders, pushing myself to go faster and keep my mere bike length of a lead for as long as possible. I kept it for a mile and then watched as they raced away.

At the top of Monroe, the cow bells rung as the riders rolled in, the rest stop blared with music, fifty or more riders stopped for sandwiches, cookies and water. I found John, Matt and a new fellow, Lin.

It was a wetter ride down with John, Matt, Bill and myself. Visibility was low and drizzle was more pronounced. Matt had a great ride up Lin, new to cycling and taking on 100 mile events. John spoke of sun at Cow Canyon saddle. Talk of bears, bikes until the chill set in. Bill had ridden with several different folks, Terry being one of them. I happily donned knee warms, jacket and warm head band for the descent. Amazing how cold and wet one day can be and then just as quick summer could burst out again. Change was in the air as autumn arrived.

This ride benefited from the training on Monday and Wednesday. It is always a trade off balancing between work and life. The ride was sweet indeed.

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