Sunday, November 17, 2013

Secret Training

Saturday had a 20 percent chance of rain. On Friday morning it was a late morning decision to go for a short ride. Great decision. It was dry. Clouds overhead. Just a bit of a chill on the way down.

Saturday morning was damp, drizzly and the clouds shrouded the ridge line from view. I hemmed and hawed while John C. like a trooper rode to the shed. What a man.

I ate chili for lunch. Snoozed and then saw the sun was out. Ride! Got out about 1:15 pm. Best time of the day. The road had dried. Very light traffic. Met Duane and Steve riding up GMR to ride down the Monroe Truck Trail.

Two short but well needed rides. Relieve stress. Recover the knee. Have some sun.

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