Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Ride

John and I started late on Sunday morning around 10:30 am. Enjoying the warmer temperatures of the day. Enjoying the sun and the blue sky. We were pleasantly surprised when the roadside photographer snapped our photos and chuckled with a familiar voice, It was none other than the world famous and GMR champion, Mr. Beanz. John and I became test subjects as Mr. Beanz clicked and videoed us with multiple cameras. "Are you training for something, GMR?" Beanz asked. I chuckled. Those stunning out of the saddle shots can look awesome. It has been a week since I pedalled. It was a good ride with my thumb bundled in gauze from the Saturday morning incident when a snowman bit my thumb. One ER trip and three stitches later, my thumb is holding me together.

A week ago, I saw this young cyclist paced with his own moto support.  He sped along with out breathing hard.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Always good to see ya GMR! And feel free to link the video into your post, only seems right considering the subject matter :-P