Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday Ride

Sleeping in to 6:18 am felt glorious this morning. It also meant starting the Saturday ride a bit later. Besides it IS getting cooler and it IS getting darker. Time to adjust to a Fall riding pattern.

Heather arrived and we launched around 8 am. We shouted at Matt's house as we cycled past. Met up with Shane at the corner of GMR and Sierra Madre. My muscles definitely needed their warm up time in the cooler air. Getting past the ranger station was the warm up. Go Slow Legs. Save some for later. How nice that they behaved.

Saw Donna, Cindy and Doug on the way to the shed. I was motivated to ride. I shut off the higher thinking and put the muscles in gear to spin on the pedals. And they responded. I see some nice peaks on the power numbers. The cooler weather helped my performance. It was my fastest time to the shed this year.

Rick was enthusiastic about my arrival. I met his friend Yuri from Eastern Europe. Yuri says there are not enough trees on our hillside to be a forest. Rain is essential for plant life. We are happy with the few that we have.

Rick. A card carrying member of

Yuri. Where are the trees?

Cindy and Donna. We met in Baldy.

Doug wants more stories.

Matt with his jersey.

Heather. The proud archer.

Shane. Better breathing will improve your performance.

Bill. Start prepping today for the March 2015 San Dimas Stage Race.

Little Dalton Canyon. Cooling clouds over the valley.

Bill. Headed home at first saddle.

Overlooking the city of Glendora. Every day on the mountain is a beautiful day.

Heather. A bike ride before work makes life all the better.

Matt. Cheers.

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