Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend rides

The heat of the week dissipated Saturday morning under a morning layer of low level clouds. The greyness cooled the air and the darker sky dampened the spirits enough so as to question the wisdom of the 7:15 am departure time. Heather arrived by 7:30 after successfully navigating surface streets avoiding the freeway closure. (Heather, check out for smooth sailing.) The heat of last Saturday's ride still fresh in our memories, the 15 degree drop in temperature made the morning ride down right enjoyable.
Bill's photo of the valley.

With the cooler air, my muscles definitely wanted their warm up time. I intentionally held back getting all of the body on board before charging out and was rewarded with energy later in the ride. I concentrated on working on the lifting of the legs during the pedal stroke to give the ham strings a work out. There seems to be more energy there and the training tips from Shane are providing more power.

Matt caught Heather and I before Newman's. It's odd how you can travel the road without seeing a soul, then on a blind curve, six people all converge in the same space and time. A white porsche, two motorbikes and three cyclists.

At the shed, people arrived and everyone had a story to tell. Mark and Shirin opening up CyclinSanity in LaVerne in November. Rick and Greg in a comeback ride to Baldy Village. Shane on his way down "north" GMR to East Fork better known as a Yo-Yo ride. Matt, Heather and Bill. Lots of connections.

Mark Sherin
Matt. Beer?
Baldy (Sunday Ride)
Glendora under the fog (Sunday)

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