Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fire Recon

From Mark G. wrote this on... Aug. 16th...

I rode up to GRR mile 4 this morning.  The gate is closed but unmanned (GRR gate is closed too, but also unmanned).  Not many bikes up there this morning, I only counted 17 during my entire ride.

The fire looked great this morning.  Hardly any smoke from the burned hillsides, or in the air above.

I only saw one helicopter.  It landed down off of hwy 39 by the second reservoir.  It did not pick up any water, just landed next to the road, which should be a good sign.

It looks like there is a flare up right now, as there was yesterday at about this time.  May it go away in an hour or so, as yesterday's flare up did.

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