Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend full of biking

Two days of cycling on the road felt really good. Cooler overcast mornings were a welcome to the heat of summer. Friday's Ride with Matt, Joan and Bill extended out to Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 2.45. My legs were fresh and stops were short. We swept up Bill at GRR 1.29 on the way back. The Saturday Ride with Joan and Bill ended at the shed. The legs asked what was going on with back to back rides. Training.

At the shed  the Angels of the Cycling Community, Duane and Rosanna sponsored their AllState Sag Stop. Ice cold water, sliced oranges, bananas and more. Their kindness have saved many of us from dehydrating this hot summer. Duane was sporting his new collar bone plate. With in 48 hours of surgery. He was at the shed ringing cow bells encouraging us to ride faster.


Duane - Sag Sponsor

Nice stitching on the collarbone plate

Tandem Riders

John H.


Rosanna - Sag Sponsor

My speed and distance cadence sensor battery gave out on Saturday. Here's the repair job Bill performed.

Here's a youtube video that helped us:

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