Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mt Diablo

The Mount Diablo Challenge is set to start tomorrow. Floyd Landis, Pommi and TBV are set to ride this 10.8 mile bicycle road race that ascends for 3,249 feet. The weather is turning chilly and the temperature at the top of the mountain will be a brisk 34F. I will have to cheer for more than one athlete on this race.

The 2006 Mt Diablo Champion Robert Anderson, 51 of Mill Valley California breezed through the course with an average pace of 13.7 mph and a total time of 47:28.3. The first place female Jenny Slawta, 42 of Medford Oregon zipped up the mountain at 11.8 mph with a total time of 54.43.7. Another notable is the first "southerner" John Hann, 25 from Santa Barbara, 11.1 mph with a total time of 58.27.6.