Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The next round

Floyd is going the distance and taking his case to the next level the Court of Arbitration for Sport. While previous CAS hearings have not been open to the public I found one reference in the Chryste Gaines CAS hearing where outside personnel were allowed to attend.

With the consent of Claimant and Respondent and of the Panel, several third parties were also granted permission by CAS to attend the hearings as “observers”. These were a representative of the World Anti-Doping Agency (“WADA”); John Ruger, the United States Olympic Committee (“USOC”) Athlete Ombudsman; and a member of the staff of US Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

If the hearings are not open to public, here are folks I would nominate as Athlete Ombudsman who should attend, namely TBV, Honorable Bill Hue, Daniel, Marc who is on the continent and of course that ever cheerful Strbuk. Depending on the time of year airfare could be reasonable.