Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday Ride

Each weekend I push a little farther up Glendora Mountain Road and I see a new vista each time. The weather is cooling down after the high of 115 September 2-3. Now its in the 70s. But going up the mountain is different than coming down the mountain when the cool breeze rips through the lycra. I have an outer shell and a ski ear band. They did well for me today.

The stats from the Polar CS600 tell me --
Time: 2:25 minutes
Distance 19.4 miles
Average Pace: 6.15 min/mile
Average Speed: 9.6 mph
Maximum Altitude: 3009 feet
Ascent 2402 feet
Average Heart Rate 136

Near the start of the route at Sierra Madre and Glendora Mountain Road I noticed a cycler stopped by the road. We ended up crossing paths multiple times up the road, and with much appreciation I must thank Jess of Covina for helping me with my brakes. The camera is a 7 Mega-bit pixel Casio Z-750 and I have 300 Mbytes of pictures from today. So here are a few. Click the picture for the full size.

View of Glendora from the second saddle with GMR cutting the hillside on the right.

Mount Baldy

Jess trying to find a cell phone satellite

I appreciate your help with my brakes!!

The San Gabriel Dam Area (Highway 39)