Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Ride

Weathermen predicted a rain storm tomorrow. The walk home from the dental appointment was surprisingly warm at 65F. A fire burned in a neighbor's chimney. Come outside and feel the warmth! Take advantage of our gentle climate.

I started my ride around 10:30am and the sun streamed down through the high level cloud layer. Good to sweat. A mountain biker was easy to catch and bring out my competitive streak in the flat section after the electronic sign. An occasional cyclist headed down passed me by. A bit more motor traffic going up. Around mile marker 11, I noticed a motorcyclist with red hair and an orange backpack cruise past me checking their rear view mirrors. Nah that couldn't be ... the hair was too red and the rider wasn't orange enough. No one I recognized. Twenty minutes later I stopped at an odd turnout closer to Newman's to munch the gel bites I had. The same motorcyclist headed down the mountain slowed to a stop. Then the recognition happened, brain cells lighting up while the other half were in absolute denial. No way. My sister Renee laughed. It was her first time in a long time on her bike on the mountain.

After chatting with my sister Renee, I continued to the top of Monroe. The vista clearer than Saturday. The hillsides in the canyon looked like Ireland lush and vibrant. The San Gabriel Reservoir full to the top.

Adam of Pomona College asked me for tips for a successful ride from Claremont to GMR to GRR and down Baldy Road for today. I hope he enjoyed the great winter weather.

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