Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday Ride

On Saturday's ride, I met up with Brian and Bob from SC Velo who plan on riding in the San Dimas Stage Race. One of the smaller coyotes from Wednesday trotted along the berm of the road. Quietly it disappeared into the brush while Brian and Bob pushed along on their ride.

It was warm enough to entice me to ride beyond the shed, beyond the top of Monroe. Glendora Ridge Road gate was locked. Closed due to snow and ice. Sheer heaven as I hopped over the gate and relaxed as I pedaled on the road. The sun was bright and the sky was clear. I stopped near the Experimental Forest sign two miles in. On my way back I noticed that all the cyclists had huge grins on their faces. Beautiful weather and closed road.

Rick a triathlete from Pasadena was on the road for the first time since October. I mentioned that athletes who train year round do better in summer than winter. He looked skeptical and I neglected to cite that research has shown Vitamin D regulates 1000 thousand genes as well as muscle fibers much like a steroid. This NY Times Health article sums it up:
A number of recent studies also have shown that, among athletes who train outside year-round, maximal oxygen intake tends to be highest in late summer . . . The athletes, in other words, are fittest in August, when ultraviolet radiation from the sun is near its zenith. They often then experience an abrupt drop in maximal oxygen intake, beginning as early as September, even though they continue to train just as hard. This decline coincides with the autumnal lengthening of the angle of sunlight. Less ultraviolet radiation reaches the earth and, apparently, sports performance suffers.

It definitely describes my performance level.

One last stop on the way down at Newman's Point showed the reservoir at its highest level over the course of a year.

Little evidence of the Tuesday's storm was left. Folks driving around looking for snow on Glendora Mountain Road were woefully disappointed. Only a few tiny patches lasted in the shade and had a foamy appearance. Ray Clone captured this stunning panorama of Baldy Village on Wednesday 02/10/2010.

Baldy Village 02/10/2010

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