Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Ride

I threw on the summer base layer and short sleeve jersey. Shivered. Then put on the lightest winter base layer and long sleeve jersey. Sweated. Back to the summer base layer and short sleeve jersey. Yep just right. Got on the road early before the snow seekers came out in force in their minivans and trucks.

I wanted to go farther with the warmer weather. The gate to Glendora Ridge Road was open and the pedals kept turning. I stopped at Fork plus Six. The last time I had been this far was July 3rd! One cyclist who made it to Baldy Village said it was a mad house. Getting back over the four hills then up the fork the body said its been a long time, it was good to be going down hill.

I had plenty of liquids for a longer ride. Next time more food. I was starved when I got home. An eclectic assortment of calories disappeared into my mouth with the emphasis of Now being a bit too late. One slice leftover pizza, half a toasted peanut butter sandwich whole grain bread, slice of cheddar cheese on whole grain bread, banana, water, milk with a dash of whey. Once sated the body said sleep. Nirvana. A long ride, in good weather, time to get the legs back in shape.

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Hillbasher said...

Rode to the top of GMR with 3 other friends. Was a really nice day out, warm and clear. Having worked all night, I turned around just past the Cal Trans shed, but the other 3 went out to the village and back. One rider started from home in La Crescenta. He more than likely got a century out of the days ride.