Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The gate was closed at 4:00 pm and open at 6:00 pm. The US Forest Service personnel who stopped to unlock and relock the gate to allow their vehicle to pass said the "County" had closed the road for the day due to snow and ice. The wildlife aware of the quiet on the road owned the forest today. Zoned when I ride, I see about twelve inches of road in front of my tire. Between mile marker 11.39 and 11.25, I glanced up and noticed I was amidst a coyote pack. Three coyotes cold and hungry strolled along on the road deciding if handouts were available. One was larger and two were smaller possibly yearlings now of the cubs last spring. This coyote had one blue eye and one brown eye. Electronics can be exceedingly slow in the moment.

The real allure of the ride was the rain from Tuesday cold and low enough to leave snow at the 3,000 foot level.

Nature's artwork.

Burned trees blanketed in white.

Cold on the way down. My toes and fingers are now toasty warm.

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Hillbasher said...

Rode out to the village on Monday the 8th. Nice ride with great cloudy views of the peaks. On Wednesday just rode up to the top of GMR. Snow made road a lot more wet than I liked. Rode late in afternoon and was afraid of ice on way down, but did not come across any.