Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Day

Monday May 18th, 2009

Ron G spotted a female coyote running along the road. Ron G ranks as the GMR's equivalent of the Crocodile Hunter. Check his web site for snake handling tips, coyotes, tarantulas, and my personal least favorite a potato bug.

Monday night I smashed my SDSR time with a new best time of 31:25. Thrilled.

Wednesday May 20th, 2009

A mere 92F when I left the garage at 3:45 pm. The afternoon sun seared through my layer of sun screen. The promise of cooler temperatures with the elevation change didn't register with the body. The first part 4-6 miles from home the mountain shaded the road a bit. After the first saddle mile marker (mm) 9.49 the afternoon sun bore down in full glory. Pedalling to Newman's (mile marker 7.5) I had to bring back memories of December, January and February when I was shivering, cold and merely dreaming of a warm California sun. Past Newman's the mountain again shades the road in the afternoon. Plus a short down hill section provided a nice cool breeze. I made it to the top of Monroe (GMR and Monroe Truck Trail). It was peaceful for the most part traffic wise. The afternoon brought out the working folks trying to cram exercise between career and dinner.

Met Matt P. at the Maintenance shed who rides three times a week. Ron G had an 60 mile plus day. He had to test out the new section of Angeles Crest Highway before riding GMR with Matt M. On the way down encountered Matt D who had the misfortune of ripping open a tire on a rock descending. He patched the tire, put in a tube which immediately blew out. Matt M assisted with a loaner tube. This time Matt D. used a Gel wrapper to help stabilize the gash in the outer tire.

Tomorrow I need to update everyone with pictures of Bill's Bonelli pictures.