Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Made It - Part Deux

It was a beautiful day. It was an Amelia Earhart day. I flew solo and cycled to "fork plus 12" ..... yes Jason, that's Baldy Village.

While there was a group of five cyclists from Desert Cycling. I couldn't quite join their merry band. The bartender at the Buck Horn Lodge was quite accommodating. He said he would fill my water bottles. I turned to get them off the bike when he spotted one in my jersey. How the mind forgets after pedaling 23 miles uphill. I ended up buying a ZipFizz powder for the water bottle. There was too much water and it had a volcanic reaction. It overflowed the bottle. My fingers were sticky. Note to self buy powdered drink mix to carry with me next time.

Praise to the Public Works guys. I told two or three flaggers that I appreciated what they do on the road. They each smiled and said thank you. I waved at them on in their trucks on the way down hill.

I rode a marathon pace not sprints today. I went a good long distance and I am now recovering in my skins. Time to check in with work.