Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catch up

Spring is such a tricky season in southern California and Wednesday May 13th exemplifies the type of day we classify for the season. Winter in the morning and Summer in the afternoon. Let me explain as the gray damp clouds clung to my soul as I rode up the mountain. The moisture played sad lullabies luring me to turn around and turn tail. "It's cold. It's lonely. No need to ride today. No goals to accomplish." In the thickness of morning fog, I needed to overcome the mental meltdown. At the first saddle I could see the evaporation of the clouds floating up into the air. Relief. The brightness of sun in all it's glory felt good to burn off the melancholy madness.

The clouds did keep folks off the road. I didn't see any traffic until four cyclists passed me at the shed. The leggings and arm protectors came off and a layer of sun screen was applied. It was warm moving quickly to hot and the sun was streaming down. I didn't encounter motor traffic until fork plus five.

The fight now was keeping my mind off my knee. Decision time came at Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 8.3. Back the way I came or on to Baldy. I might not have time in the upcoming weeks for a long ride. I opted to move on. The road flattens out and is kinder on the body.

Mount Baldy Village starts where the two roads meet.

Met a fellow named Bill at the Post Office who rode up the Claremont side, Mills Road to Baldy Road. He was going to do the same ride again later in the day.

Met Norm "Mandy" and RosaLee of as they sat outside at the Lodge. They caught up with me on the way back. They were good company. Norm convinced me that a sandwich would be a good thing to do in the Village. Lots of rides out there and lots of fun and friends at Adobo.

Monday Night Ride 5/11

Monday night was cool and it felt good. It was short and sweet. Best SDSR time of 32:35. Awesome