Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Rides

Enshrouded with a thick grey marine layer the rides started off cool and moist. The thin short sleeved jersey I wore each day didn't feel warm enough. Pedalling uphill until the day warmed up or reaching an altitude above the clouds were my only options.

Met Phil and Dick at the shed. Phil rode an all carbon Eddy Merckx bike with Campy components. A certified spin instructor, Phil was putting the roadies to shame. Dick rode a titanium LiteSpeed.

Then Tom another Lite Speed rider, Vicki and Wally showed up. Wally promised me pictures of a GMR fishing adventure! It was a chilly on the ride down with Vicki and Tom.

Another grey day that lingered into late afternoon. Fortunately I shared the road with which celebrated its fourth year anniversary this weekend! The entire team zipped past me with Rosalie on her Calnago bike. Mandy was the sweeper of the ride, at the tail end.

The club cheered me on with cheers of "Sprint! Sprint!" at the shed. I laughed. I heard "GMR, can take our picture." Gladly I took their picture, but what's this sprint with 20 plus miles to go?

John of Rancho Cucamonga had his harrowing encounter with a Jeep driver pushing him off the road a month ago. John's goal was to get in shape on his Felt F3! If you made to the shed, you are in shape, John. I do know the desire to be better and faster.

Hanging out at Fork plus Four enjoying the sun and "lizzing" on the wall, Raoul stopped by. Hey remember me? I do now Raoul. Good to see you.

We were joined by Alfonso Senior and Alfonso Junior. Alfonso Sr. combed eBay for bicycle parts and assembled nine bicycles for his three sons. Jr. was riding a very nice Specialized Tarmac.

Above the marine layer, the thunderheads were a treat to watch since I had my share of sun!

It was a good ride on a peaceful mountain rode.