Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ice House Canyon

With Tuesday being slated as a personal time off, it ended up being more work than rest with meetings, emergency resuscitation of a customer application and roll out of a new application. Wednesday I needed to play hard. It started with a warm up walk around the neighborhood with brother Jim and sister Michelle. I suggested Big Dalton Canyon Road for the cardio-burning walk. Less traffic. Fewer people. I said. With the 90 plus kids from Bonita Unified School District, teachers and support staff for their field trip. I could have been right.

Michelle and I moved on to the event of the day, Ice House Canyon. It was easy to find, two miles out of Mount Baldy Village. The trail was easy to follow, even if we did diverge a few steps off the beaten path. There were just enough hikers to guide us back.

The music of the river splashing over the rocks gently healed the work worries.

My air smelled incredibly good. The blue sky dotted with thunderheads.

We hiked for half an hour out and back. Enough time to work up an appetite but plenty more trail to hike for next time. Lunch at the Mt. Baldy Lodge was on the back patio with a fountain.

Mid bite, Michelle mentioned "mind your sandwich". I thought what an odd comment to make as I turned and looked over my left elbow, my heart jumped a foot higher than head. Quietly, Jaeger had approached and was sitting patiently waiting a treat of meat. No french fries, just a bite of sandwich please. The folks at other table with their service dog Sadie, explained that Jaeger protects the lodge from bears at night and doesn't cozy up to just anyone. Jaeger knew I was special. A soft touch at home the cat is very happy with sharing my meals. How did Jaeger know? He was dutifully rewarded for his patience.

The other friend at lunch was a jay. The jay left unrewarded.

With lunch finished we headed home down the mountain. Enough time for a nap and a twenty mile ride to the maintenance shed. My land legs needed to be stretched out as I warmed up the first few miles. The hip flexor said what the heck is this cycling motion. What happened to walking?

The traffic was light, however I did notice a white truck with a bike tethered in the truck bed. The screech of his wheels as he rounded a corner emblazened this particular truck in my memory.

A good day of fun indeed.

Memorial Day Ride

I rode fork plus four on Monday Memorial Day. Just as I thought the traffic wasn't bad a dozen motorcycles buzzed by me. Past the fork the traffic diminished. Glendora Ridge Road beyond the "Point of No Return" (aka fork plus four) to about fork plus five or six.

Bill enjoyed the ride around Bonelli. The view of the lake on the grey cloudy morning. The sun did break through the clouds for the holiday.